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Adult Education

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Adult School Program

San Diego Adult School

The Adult Education Department is responsible for the administration of the Adult Education Program and oversees San Diego Adult School which is comprised of four site locations throughout the district.

The Adult School provides an educational program of excellence in a learner-centered, supportive environment which is responsive to the needs of young adult learners who need a second chance to succeed.

Individuals, 18 years of age who are no longer attending high school, may enroll to improve reading, writing, and math skills and/or to complete course requirements needed to obtain the Adult Education High School Diploma.

The success of the Adult School is evidenced each year as hundreds of students earn the Adult Education High School Diploma. Graduates successfully transition to various career pathway training programs, community college study, or the job market.



San Diego Adult School Office [email protected] 

4833 Doliva Drive (Room B4)
San Diego, CA 92117
(858) 536-0341

Office Hours: 7:00am - 3:30pm, Monday - Friday

Nate Sachdeva, Program Manager, College, Career and Technical Education
[email protected] 

Kirsley Tate, Counselor, San Diego Adult School [email protected]


Crawford HSDP

Teacher/Advisor: Esmeralda Escamilla & Nicole Lincoln

Classroom Phone# (619) 362-3762

Email: [email protected]

4191 Colts Way, Room 906 San Diego, California 92115

HSDP Support / HiSET Instructor

Instructor: Nicole Lincoln

Email: [email protected]

Garfield HSDP

Teacher/Advisor: Rosalina McCollum & Nicole Lincoln

Classroom Phone#: (619) 362-4516 

Email: [email protected]

1255 16th Street, Room 416 San Diego, CA 92101

Lincoln HSDP

Teacher/Advisor: Debra Villegas & Sandra Piper

4777 Imperial Ave, San Diego, CA 92113 

 Debra Villegas- Room 647 (students with last names A-L) 

Classroom Phone#: (619) 266-6742

Email: [email protected]


Sandra Piper- Room 470 (students with last names M-Z)

Classroom Phone#: (619) 266-6530

Email: [email protected]


Mira Mesa HSDP (High School Diploma)

Teacher/Advisor (HSDP): Megan Timmons & Nicole Lincoln

Classroom Phone#: (858) 302-3643

Email: [email protected]

10510 Marauder Way, Room B-43 San Diego, California 92126

Mira Mesa ABE (Adult Basic Education-Math/Reading)

Instructor (ABE): Carol Wise

Classroom Phone#: (858) 302-3642 or (858) 302-3643

Email: [email protected]

10510 Marauder Way, Room B-42 San Diego, California 92126